Automotive Augmented Reality Uses

by JAMES on OCTOBER 9, 2009


Real Virtual Reality

Augmented reality has been around for a while. The technology can be pretty much explained as virtual reality, or virtual information, projected on to a real world application. Confused? Trust me, this is cool.</p>


BMW Testing Augmented Reality for Technicians

Through a pair Augmented Reality goggles, a technician could be walked through an entire repair procedure. Through the goggles, a virtual image would appear of what the tech sees, if he’s looking under the hood and the diagnostic procedure or repair requires, let’s say, the throttle body to be removed, the tech could physically see the engine bay and a virtual image of the engine bay simulated on the lense at the same time. The virtual image would highlight the steps to follow, for instance, the first step might be to remove the intake air duct to the throttle body, the virtual image could highlight the duct and demonstrate required action to remove with required tool needed, or any additional info required.</p>


Real Application Possibilities, could include GPS

Think of the possibilities. How qualified would technicians really need to be? Could Autozone sell vehicle specific maintenance / repair packages? This technology will surely be advanced within the auto industry.</p>

Youtube Clip

BMW augmented reality</p>

Other applications could render GPS systems obsolete, an augmented reality image could be applied to sunglasses or even through the windshield similar to a heads-up display direct from the manufacturer. It could include all kinds of information, incorporating GPS, as you see an exit ahead it could display amenities, gas station info – such as fuel prices, hotels – availability and rates.


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